What Doctors Say About Us!

“A must see seminar”.I want proof!” OK, see below.
The information in Dr. Taylor’s seminar helped me increase my charges by more than $12,000/month in only 3 months. I also increased my quality of service by spending more time with patients on BHRT consultations. I am now seeing fewer patients a day (12-15) instead of my previous 23-25 while making more money. It was hard for me to believe I could decrease the number of patients and make more, but it is true.

– Karla Bruning, MD – Family Physician – Livingston, Texas

What a paradigm shift: more time with patients, fewer patients, and less stress equals more health restoration and more money. I am on my way to true practice and financial independence.
Now, my vision of medicine and my reality of medicine are the same. My only regret is that I hadn’t stepped “out of line” and heard Dr. Taylor earlier.

– Nathan Goodyear, MD – Family Practice – Ruston, LA

After several of my female patients had requested that I look into bio-identical hormone therapies, I was fortunate to find out about Dr. Eldred Taylor, and traveled from Texas to attend his two day BHRT course that was being offered in Detroit. This has turned out to be the best investment in time that I have ever made. I have started to enjoy going to work again. Dr. Taylor’s course gives you all the information you need to “get the ball rolling”. I also subscribe to his Web Casts that provide valuable support to those of us new to BHRT as well as those who have experience. Dr. Taylor has a presentation style that is both entertaining and informative. He presents the science and the business aspects of BHRT that will allow anyone who has the desire, to move comfortably into this field of study. You owe it to yourself to attend.

– John Staniland MD – Family Physician – Fort Worth, Texas

Your presentation was exemplary and persuasive while being very scientifically rigorous.

– Duke University School of Medicine

Stimulating and thought-provoking. Dynamic and great speaker [who] will greatly influence my medical practice habits.

– North Carolina Academy of Family Practice

The first time I heard Dr Taylor speak, he literally changed my life. It was the caterpillar talk, and I decided that night that I needed to practice medicine differently. From Dr Taylor, I re-learned the critical science and physiology that I had forgotten after med school, was reminded how to think, and then taught the business of how to incorporate salivary hormone testing into my busy family practice. Dr Taylor’s teachings brought the joy back into my practice. He is an abundance of knowledge, and entertaining too.

– Ellie W. Campbell, D.O., Campbell Family Medicine, Suwanee, Georgia

I started a private practice as a nurse practitioner three years ago. Part of the practice was to continue with BHRT treatment for men and women.
While establishing my practice, there were some difficult cases of hormone management. I had been to several of Dr. Eldred Taylor’s lectures and was impressed with his logical approach to BHRT that is evidence based. I started consultation sessions with him and was able to get specific suggestions on a case by case basis. This was invaluable and was instrumental in my developing confidence and expertise in my practice.

– Charlotte Kelley, ARNP, Terrace Place Clinic, Des Moines, Iowa

Now that over forty (40) of my local doctors have seen Dr. Taylor’s BHRT seminar, it’s been the most valuable tool in educating and developing BHRT practices. Dr. Taylor helps the practitioners to so clearly understand the physiology and hormone relationships that they can incorporate BHRT into the practice immediately.

– Mark G. Luea, RPh, Luea’s Compounding Pharmacy, Swartz Creek, Michigan

As a compounding pharmacist, I am always looking for physicians to turn on to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). I always have more interested patients than I do qualified BHRT clinicians. In the past, I have marketed BHRT to physicians via lunch presentations and taking them to BHRT symposiums. However, these methods are very time consuming and expensive.

– From One Pharmacist to Another

I am writing to let you know how invaluable your webcasts have been to my growing functional medicine practice. Although I have read most of the popular books on functional medicine, they lack the real-world tips and tricks that you present in your webcasts. The practical advice you give on Tuesday nights can be directly incorporated into my practice on Wednesday morning.

I appreciate the way that you appeal to all providers of all skill levels during your broadcasts. They are instructive and informative to the newcomers while being detailed enough to enlighten even the experts.Your instruction and inspiration has given me the knowledge and confidence to tap into the vast patient demand for functional medicine services. The early successes I have had in this field have been equally rewarding to both myself and my patients. I have been able to successfully drop Obstetrics, stop taking Medicaid, and eliminate all on-call responsibilities without any financial loss.

Please keep up the good work on the webcasts. I look forward to participating in them for the indefinite future.